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Science & Environment

Clear-cutting koala country

More than of forests on NSW’s Mid North Coast have been earmarked for the Great Koala National Park. But there’s still work to be done before this proposed reserve becomes the safe haven koalas desperately need.

Science & Environment

A beautiful disaster

Does last summer’s mass coral bleaching event sound a death knell for Australia’s beloved Great Barrier Reef? “Not on my watch!” is the message coming from the army of heartbroken, but resolute, marine scientists who’ve responded to the crisis by doubling down on their research.

Science & Environment

What is an ‘ocean world’?

One of the big surprises that’s come in recent years from our exploration of the solar system is the existence of icy ocean worlds in its outer reaches. Most are moons of the giant planets, although some dwarf planets such as Pluto may also have a similar structure.