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GALLERY: Australia’s Prime Ministers

They’ve come from electorates throughout the continent and worked at occupations as varied as coalminer, drover, doctor and solicitor. Sometimes revered, sometimes despised, 28 men and 1 woman – represented by their official portraits – have taken on the nation’s top job, often heralding and at other times following winds of change. Whether they served for eight days or 19 years, each took on the responsibility of being prime minister of Australia.

History & Culture

GALLERY: Inside Section 400

Maralinga, South Australia, was blasted and battered by nuclear tests in the 1950s and ’60s. Officially known as Section 400, this 3300sq.km site was chosen as a permanent base to develop and explode atomic bombs. In 2009, the land was given back to its traditional owners, who have opened the gates to paying visitors. Explore Maralinga through Thomas Wielecki’s photography, and read more about this odd tourist attraction in Bruce Newton’s feature in #AG133.

History & Culture

GALLERY: Pedal Prix 2015, SA

The annual 24-hour Australian International Pedal Prix is the oldest, longest, largest and fastest human powered vehicle (HPV) race in the world. At Murray Bridge, riders who have gone head-to-head in the shorter races during the UniSA Australian HPV Super Series gather for one last, gruelling battle. The 2015 competition attracted a staggering 225 teams – each with 8–20 riders – from almost every corner of Australia. Read more about the Pedal Prix in #AG133.


GALLERY: Wildlife Photographer of the Year

The Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition brings together exquisite images of wildlife and natural landscapes. This year there were over 42,000 entries, and two Australians made the final selection. An exhibition of 100 photos will be on display at the Australian Maritime Museum in Sydney from 23 June 2016: find out more.


Gallery: Undara Lava Tubes

Beginning 190,000 years ago, Undara Volcano in far north Queensland erupted, not with a bang but a long, seething gush of lava. Undara disgorged a colossal 23 cu.km of molten mayhem. It spread across the plains and filled ancient river valleys to the brim. Over time, the lava atop these deeper valleys cooled to form a dark, hard crust. Meanwhile, below decks, the liquid lava kept surging downstream. In essence, as it moved on, the lava fabricated its own insulated pipeline. By the time Undara was a spent force its farthest run had travelled 160km. In recent geology, no other single volcano on Earth has a longer lava flow. Visitors can see the remnants of the lava pipeline at Undara Volcanic National Park. Nearby the limestone formations of Chillagoe-Mungana Caves National Park and the distinct sandstone ravines of the region are also a delight to geology lovers.

History & Culture

Gallery: The top 10 most iconic Australian foods

Aussie food classics suggests that it’s the simpler things that take our fancy. Whether at a family Christmas feast at the height of a scorching Australian summer or barracking at a local footy match in the depths of winter, Australians enjoy foods that suit our laid-back lifestyle. Here are five sweet and five savoury Australian foods that will pluck at your Aussie heartstrings to remind you of days spent around the good old Australian backyard barbecue, lounging on the beach or simply the everyday.