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Australasia’s record-breaking destinations

From the oldest rainforest to the youngest hot spring, the longest highway to the largest sand island, these unique locations hold the world record in their respective fields and are sure to trigger your wanderlust. We take a look at 7 of these alluring places in an extract from the original book by Samantha Wilson, Ultimate Record Breaking Destinations.


Trekking the tropics: Thorsborne Trail, Hinchinbrook

One of Australia’s largest island national parks, Hinchinbrook is located about 6km off the coast of Cardwell and falls within the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. A series of walking tracks allow visitors to explore the island, the longest and most iconic of which is the 32km Thorsborne Trail. With only 40 people allowed on the trail at a time, the it promises solitude, and lets visitors experience the diverse and relatively untouched landscape. See the full story in #125 of Australian Geographic.