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This fluffy crab is giving us life

Many of us have dug our winter woollies out to cope with the chilly weeks ahead, but I’m going to bet that none of us have a coat as resplendent as this fluffy crab. And who among us can say we have a hat as cool as our fine friend here, who has fashioned a kicky little beret from a sponge.


Australia’s curious crabs

Ever heard of the crab that climbs trees? Or the 4kg crab that’s also the world’s largest land invertebrate? Or our 14kg deep-sea giant? Crabs are cooler than you thought.


Gallery: Christmas Island red crab migration

Each year, up to about 120 million red crabs (Gecarcoidea natalis) scuttle to the sea from the forest across Christmas Island in an effort to mate. It is a commute which overwhelms the island – the Australian-owned island, located in the Indian Ocean 2600km northwest of Perth, has just over 2000 human inhabitants.