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By AG Staff | February 28, 2013

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THESE LITTLE-KNOWN ANIMALS are the largest of all climbing marsupials. They’re shy and spend their lives high in the rainforest canopies of far north Queensland and New Guinea, where they climb about like monkeys and look more like teddy bears than their ground-dwelling relatives. There are 17 species and subspecies, but most are gravely threatened, making them among the most endangered of all marsupials.

* Tree kangaroos can jump from 20m up in the rainforest canopy and land on the ground unscathed!

* Tree kangaroos can walk backwards and move their hind feet independently, unlike other kangaroos.

* Fewer than 100 tenkile tree kangaroos were left when they were discovered in 1990. Now, thanks to the TCA there are around 300.

The Tree Roo Rescue and Conservation Centre
The Tree Roo Rescue and Conservation Centre in Malanda, Queensland, is the only charity in Australia that specifically helps to rescue and recuperate tree kangaroos. Lumholtz’s tree kangaroos here on the Atherton Tableland, live in highly fragmented patches of rainforest and are frequently hit by cars or attacked by domestic dogs. The Tree Roo Rescue and Conservation Centre often saves and hand rears pouch young (such as the animal above) that are left orphaned after their mothers are killed.

Tenkile Conservation Alliance
The Tenkile Conservation Alliance (TCA) aims to save the tenkile and weimang tree kangaroos from becoming extinct. They are both classified as critically endangered by the IUCN. TCA works closely with the 50 villages that hold these two species of tree kangaroos on their land to provide clean water and resources in return for them agreeing not to hunt the animals. The focus area is the Torricelli Mountain Range, in north west Papua New Guinea.

See a gallery of exclusive tree kangaroo images here and a video of tree kangaroos at the Tree Roo Rescue and Conservation Centre.

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