AG Bushfire Appeal

By AG Society | June 19, 2009

Thank you Australia, you have made a difference.

WHAT All native wildlife

WHERE Bushfire affected areas of Victoria

WHY Thousands of native animals have been injured or orphaned in the fires that ravaged Victoria. Seven wildlife shelters across Victoria were destroyed and hundreds of volunteers are now working to rehabilitate severely injured wildlife.
Wildlife Victoria Search and Rescue teams will continue to find animals affected by the disaster long after the bushfire season has ended. Some animals injured in the fires, like Sam the koala, may take up to 18 months to rehabilitate.

HOW WE HELPED In just two weeks over $25,000 was raised through the appeal for the injured and orphaned animals of bushfire ravaged Victoria. Between February 14 and February 28 the Australian Geographic Society held a Bushfire Appeal through Australian Geographic stores around Australia. Donations made to the Australian Geographic Society Bushfire Appeal will go directly to Wildlife Victoria to fund the rescue of animals in fire-affected areas and help to re-build the lost shelters.