AG Young Adventurer of the Year Award

By AG Staff 7 July 2018
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First presented in 1989, the Australian Geographic Young Adventurer of the Year is awarded to a person under 30, this award usually reflects a particular expedition or adventure during the previous 12–18 months. Here are the past winners.

2022 Gabby Kanizay

2019 Jimmy Ashby

2018 Jade Hameister 

2017 Sam Mitchell 

2016 Jade Hameister 

2015 Danielle Murdoch 

2014 Belinda Ritchie

2013 Ryan Campbell

2012 Lachie Carracher

2011 N/A

2010 Jessica Watson

2009 Angus Paradice

2008 James Castrission and Justin Jones

2007 Rex Pemberton

2006 Stephen Fordyce and Roger Chao

2005 Rex Pemberton

2004 Chris Bray and Jasper Timm

2003 Christopher Harris

2002 Tim Cope

2001 Richardson, Weingott and Weingott

2000 Krista Bernard

1999 N/A

1998 Chris Hatherly

1997 David Dicks

1996 Mark Shearer and Eric Cocker

1995 N/A

1994 Damon and Deanna Howes

1993 N/A

1992 James Woodford and Adam Kerezsy

1991 Jeremy Durbin

1990 John Weir

1989 Richard Wood

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