Lifetime of Adventure 2015

By AG STAFF 27 October 2015
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Eric Philips OAM has received the 2015 Lifetime to Adventure Award.

WHEN PRINCE HARRY began recruiting explorers for his 2013 Antarctic expedition Walking with the Wounded, Eric Philips was top of the list. Now Hobart-based, Eric is the only person to have skied across Earth’s four largest icecaps – Antarctica to the South Pole, Greenland, the South Patagonian Icecap and Ellesmere Island.

His 84-day journey to the South Pole pioneered a new route through the Transantarctic Mountains. His expeditions have featured in three internationally screened documentaries, most notably the Emmy Award-winning film on Greenland, Chasing the Midnight Sun.

Along with adventurer Jon Muir, Eric was part of the first Australian team to reach the North Pole unsupported, and to ski to both the North and South poles.