Why Kangaroos Have Pockets – How Animals Care For Their Young


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“When humans have a baby, they devote all their love, care, and attention to them. But how does it work in the animal world? Are animals also diligent parents? Surprisingly, parenthood in the animal kingdom is very diverse. You can find parents who share the child-rearing duties equally and hand down all the knowledge their young will need in life. In other families, just the mum or dad is in charge of the upbringing, and they handle it with great skill. But you can also encounter parents who don’t look after their young at all, and leave them to others, or to fend for themselves. Let’s journey through the wilderness together and meet various animal families and discover their different approaches to child-rearing.  As you’ll see, animals have all kinds of
creative ways to care for the young!”  36 pages. For ages 8-12 years


Beautiful illustrations from Linh Dao.
Features animal relationships from around the globe and numerous habitats.
Fantastic shared reading book.

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