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Learning all about the principles of programming and coding can be enough to bamboozle even the keenest minds, but this ingenious game not only makes it fun, but does it without the need for a computer!

Watch as your avatar goes on a quest to an exotic world to track down the mystic power crystals. 

Learn how there is only one specific sequence of actions that will allow you to complete your mission, gather the six precious stones and get to the portal. You may have to stop and re-think your tactics from time to time.

Discover how to use sequential reasoning, deduction and logic to make your way through the 60 levels across 10 maps. There are 12 scrolls to guide you on the journey and action tokens to earn along the way. But don't worry about getting stuck – there are full instructions and solutions included.

Best for: adventurous children over eight who love educational games that you can play over and over again, learning something new each time.


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