The Pocket Book of Bird Anatomy


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What is a bird? Which anatomical traits are unique to birds and in what ways are birds diverse? Where do birds fit in the diversity of life on earth?

The Pocket Book of Bird Anatomy includes a range of beautiful and intricate anatomical diagrams with comprehensive annotation and analysis of form and function in the avian kingdom.
Featuring species from all around the world to provide a truly international appreciation of how birds work, the book is an indispensable guide for bird lovers everywhere.

Marianne Taylor is a writer, illustrator and photographer. She began work as editorial assistant for Christopher Helm and went on to become editor. In 2005 she moved to Birdwatch magazine where she wrote articles on a range of bird-related subjects. She became a freelance writer, illustrator and editor in 2007, and has been a wildlife photographer since 2009. Since then she has written more than twenty books for adults and children on a range of natural history subjects, many illustrated with her own artwork or photographs. She also writes for magazines and newspapers, including The Independent, BBC Wildlife, Country Life, Nature’s Home (RSPB members’ magazine) and The Lady.

Flexiback, 110 x 210mm, 224 pages

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