The Night Sky Explorer


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The Night Sky Explorer contains all the information and equipment the aspiring astronomer needs to get started. The hardback case contains two separate pocket size books, designed to travel with
you on star gazing trips:
• Mapping the Skies includes maps of the major constellations for each month of the year & a guide to spotting them, along with a complete introduction to the history of astronomy and astrological discoveries, including the origins of the constellations and the stories behind their names
• The Sky Watch Notebook is designed to help you keep track of what you see at different times of the year. It includes tips throughout for what to see and how to record your observations.
The star of the kit is a planisphere, in a pocket flap inside the front cover. The planisphere has adjustable disks that reveal celestial phenomena for any given time of year. It guides the reader to find the position of the main constellations at any given time of year.

The Night Sky Explorer will appeal to anyone who has ever looked into the night sky and wanted to know more about the constellations over their head.  This edition has been updated in 2018.

Outer case dimensions: 300 x 265mm
Pack comprises 1 x book (128pp); 1 notebook (128pp) and 1 x planisphere with acetate


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