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In 2011, Australian journalist Anthony Ham embarked on a journey into the world of lions. Haunted by the idea that they might disappear from the planet in our lifetime, he ventured deep into Sub-Saharan wilderness, seeking answers from conservation researchers, zoologists, local activists, and traditional peoples alike as to why lions are disappearing and what can be done to save them from extinction.

In The Last Lions, Anthony brings readers with him on his quest, along the way revealing the latest extraordinary science surrounding the earth’s dwindling lion populations and their surprising relationship to mankind. Each chapter is part gripping campfire story, part deeply researched investigation of lion habitats, and a jumping off point to explore larger mysteries of the natural world. Through Anthony’s vivid storytelling – which weaves together natural history, ancient lore, and multidisciplinary science – we glimpse a world where human populations are growing and wild lands are shrinking; where lions and indigenous peoples fight not for reign of the land but for their very existence. By the book’s end, readers will be enlightened, entertained, and engaged with the fate of these embattled creatures and the surprising ways they might be saved.

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