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Science Series Set – Grade 4

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Set of 3 books – special offer save 50% on the normal price

Earth’s Changing Surface

The world we live in has not always looked the way it does today. Over time, processes including erosion and climate change have greatly altered the Earth’s surface. In this book, students explore the effects of extreme weather events such as floods and bushfires and consider the environmental impact of different human activities.

Exerting Forces

Forces are acting on the world we live in and the things we do at all times. In this book, students will learn to identify contact and non-contact forces and discover how they impact the behaviour of objects. They will investigate the effect of the size of a force on speed, friction and attraction and repulsion between magnets.

The Cycle of Life

Every living thing on our planet experiences a life cycle. From fertilisation, to birth, through life and death, plants and animals undergo key stages of development. In this book, students explore the life cycles living things such as of insects, birds, whales and flowering plants and discover the environmental factors that can affect these processes.

Hardcover. 210 x 272 mm. 32 pages.

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