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This advanced station offers you comprehensive weather information you may want or need to know even such as the UV and solar radiation. The true colour 8 inches display allows you to track your weather comfortably at home. The Wi Fi connection with Weather Underground™ gives you easy access to your weather data wherever you are. The long range, high accuracy sensors provide you with reliable weather data with seamless transmission of information the sensors array and head unit.
WIFI Weather Station
• Receive weather data from 7 in 1 weather sensor via 868/ 915/ 917 MHz RF transmission
• Wi fi connection to publish local weather station data on public weather platform
(Weather underground TM & Weathercloud
• Able to synchronize UTC time from internet and with DST on/off function
• LCD display contrast level adjustment to fit for difference viewing angle
• Display time, calendar, weekday, Moon phase and sunrise / sunset time
• Able to set the moon phase display for Northern / Southern hemisphere
• Buzzer alarm clock with ice pre alert function
• Indoor temperature ( C/ F) & humidity with comfort indication & trend
• Outdoor temperature ( C/ F) & humidity readings (7 in 1 sensor) with trend
• Gust or Average wind speed (mph, m/s, km/h, knots) & trend, Beaufort & wind level
• Real time & dominant wind direction in 360 °°& 16 direction resolution
• UV index (0 16) with UV level indicator (LIGHT, MODERATE, HIGH, VERY HIGH, EXTREME)
• SUNBURN time (minutes)
• Measure Rain rate, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Total rainfall (in/ mm) with indicator
• Weather forecast (sunny, partly cloudy, ,rainy, stormy, snowy)
• Barometric pressure in relative or absolute readings ( hPa , inHg, mmHg)
• Weather index for outdoor feels like (THW index), heat index, wind chill, dew point readings
• Max / Min memory records & past 24hrs hourly record
• Hi / Lo alert setting (indoor/ outdoor temperature & humidity)
• Flashing indicator for Hi/Lo alert warning on the LCD display
• 3 mode brightness: Hi / Lo / Off
• 7 languages for weekday (EN/ DE/ FR/ ES/ IT/ NL/ RU)
• 1pc wireless 7 in 1 professional weather sensor & 1pc wireless thermal hygro sensor included
• Support up to 7 pcs wireless extra sensors (TH/ Pool/Spa/ Soil sensor) (Not included Optional)
• Measure Rain rate, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Total rainfall (in/ mm) with indicator •
Review all live weather data on the Wunderground website and APP.
• Review the historical record for all weather data.
• Weather sensor include: Temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rain gauge, UV, Solar radiation. 360 or 16 direction wind direction measurement. High precision thermo hygro sensor. Solar power to extend the battery life. Solar power drive ventilation fan inside radiation shield. Long range transmission with console up to 150m. (450 ft.) Weather resistant shelter.
• High precision thermo hygro sensor
• Long range transmission with
C6075A up to 150m (450 ft.)
• Power: 2 x AA (Not included)
The Console
• New display layout in the same high quality contrast PMVA display
• Full firmware upgradeable
• Decimals in unit measurements
• Full calibration for all parameters in the setup UI by WiFi Direct
The Sensor Array
• New ventilating fan to dissipate heat (when there is solar radiation)
• Light intensity measurement (software)
• Re design of UV measurement (software)
• Wind speed lagging issue is removed (transmits every 12s, Competitor 16s)
• Reduce the weight of the wind cup (by reducing wall thickness of cups) easier to start rotating
• Double magnets for windspeed sensor improve wind measurement resolution from 0.8m/s to 0.4m/s (Competitor use single magnet)
• Fully modularized and ease of repair
• Balanced wind vane (similar mass on either side of the center
• New laminated type solar panels (instead of epoxy coating)

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