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Backyard Buddies – Tree Kangaroo


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Tree kangaroos really are kangaroos that live in trees! They are marsupials and macropods and are the largest tree-dwelling mammal in Australia.

Watch the high treetops of the rain forest if you want to see a tree kangaroo in the wild as that’s where they spend most of their lives. Tree kangaroos generally feed on leaves and foliage but will also eat fruits and flowers from native trees. Late afternoon after a light rain is often the best time to spot one as they often move to the edges of a branch to catch a drying breeze.

Learn how in Australia, tree kangaroos live in far north Queensland. Other tree kangaroo species live in Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. The two Australian species are the Lumholtz’s and the Bennett’s tree kangaroo.

Discover that although tree kangaroos do look like regular kangaroos, they have shorter legs, strong forearms and very long tails. Their feet have long curved claws and spongy soles for gripping and climbing.

Best for: Curious young minds who will love taking their first steps in learning about the natural world through soft play. Great to add a touch of character to a little one’s bedroom or as a first furry friend to snuggle up with.

  • $4.50 from the sale of this product goes to the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife.

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