Australia’s Most Dangerous (First Aid)


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Australia is infamous for its dangerous animals. With more deadly snakes than any other country worldwide, it isn’t surprising. Though sharks, spiders, and snakes get the majority of bad press, it is actually an awesome array of predators and venomous critters that have earned Australia its fearsome reputation. Australia’s Most Dangerous is a concise field guide to Australias most dangerous animals, from the box jellyfish to the easter brown snake

Packed full of interesting and useful facts, this handy reference will help you to appreciate and avoid these often unfairly maligned animals. Each chapter, written by a recognised expert, describes aspects of the animals habits and where and in what circumstances you are likely to encounter them. Identification is made easy through clear distribution maps, colour photos and other useful aids. And in the unlikely event that you have an unpleasant encounter with one of these creatures, the comprehensive first-aid and medical-treatment section will be invaluable. Whether you live int he city or the bush, this book is a must – you never know when youll cross paths with one of Australias most dangerous inhabitants

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