Eco-Friendly 3 Piece Bag Set


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You’ll never need to use a plastic bag again.

Our new, environmentally friendly, three-piece bag set is perfect for all your shopping needs – from the supermarket to your corner store.

Reusable Fruit & Veg Bags
Generously sized mesh bags ideal for weighing and storing your fruit, veg, nuts and bread. Includes drawstring pouch for easy storage and carrying.
• Five poly-mesh bags and storage pouch
• Super lightweight & portable
• Pouch size: 18 x 12cm, bag size: 32 x 30cm
• Strong and durable
• Produce can be weighed, washed and drained in bags
• Machine washable.

Tote Bag
Multi-purpose canvas tote can be used for anything from shopping to a day at the beach.
• Thick, high-quality canvas
• Twin carry handles
• Side and bottom gussets
• Bag size: 36 x 36cm x 12cm

Cooler Bag
Perfect for keeping your products cool during transportation.
• Leak-proof lining
• Twin carry handles
• Secure zip
• Easy-to-clean material
• Bag size: 30 x 28 x 19cm


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