Why museums are a keystone in fighting future pandemics: Kristofer Helgen

The new Chief Scientist and Director of the Australian Museum Research Institute, Professor Kristofer Helgen talks about the future of the nation’s first museum. After a massive redevelopment the museum unlocked more than 3000sq.m of new public space and recently reopened its gates to the public. Helgen has an outstanding global research track-record and a deep understanding of museums after working for almost 10 years at the legendary Smithsonian´s National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. 

On this episode Kristofer talks about his new role and the future of the Australian Museum. He also explains his recent comments about the crucial role of museums in fighting future pandemics and draws hope for fighting climate change from prior global issues that we seem to have overcome. 
This Episode of Talking Australia is hosted by Angela Heathcote (Digital Producer at Australian Geographic) and produced by Ben Kanthak (www.beachshackpodcasts.com).
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