How to handle fear and BASE jump off a cliff: Glenn Singleman (Part 2)

Dr. Glenn Singleman has achieved so many things in his life that one might ask whether his day has more than 24 hours. He is an emergency doctor, a mountaineer, a skydiver, a record-breaking high-altitude BASE jumper and wingsuit pilot, a motivational speaker, a husband, a father and submarine medical doctor who joined both world-famous director James Cameron and businessman and explorer Victor Vescovo on their journeys to the bottom of the ocean.

He also goes trail running every morning, is a passionate vegan and has obtained several university degrees covering everything from medicine to film making.

But it all started with Glenn overcoming his fears. And he says that everyone can do the same, treating fear as a good friend rather than letting it take over and stop us from doing things we think are otherwise impossible.

Here you can find out more about Glenn:

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