Building an Arch to protect Australia´s Wildlife: Tim Faulkner (Rebroadcast)

By AG STAFF 27 August 2020
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Talking Australia
Building an Arch to protect Australia´s Wildlife: Tim Faulkner (Rebroadcast)
Tim Faulkner is known for his deep passion for Australia´s wildlife and his conservational work with the Australian Reptile park. He’s also a highly energetic and beloved TV personality that tries to save the Tasmanian devil from extinction with the parks “Devil´s Arch” protection programs. The devils are getting wiped out by an aggressive and infectious cancer. Trying to protect a few of them in an enclosed territory might be the only hope for their survival. Tim talkes about his fascinating life and the way to starting the arch program and its huge success that lead to extending it to protect other native endangered species. Also he explains the difficult and labour intense process of running the anti-venom program for most of Australia´s poisonous spiders and snakes to save lifes. Tim reckons since the late 1950s the program saved roughly about 20.000 lives. For more info visit Or follow Tim on Instagram @timswildlife This Episode of Talking Australia is hosted by Chrissie Goldrick (Editor-in-chief at Australian Geographic) and produced by Ben Kanthak ( You can also follow us on Instagram @australiangeographic.