1st place

    A skin cell expressing an excessive amount of keratin.

    Photo Credit: Dr. Bram van den Broek, Netherlands

    2nd place

    The flowering head of a plant (Senecio vulgaris).

    Photo Credit: Dr. Havi Sarfaty, Israel

    3rd place

    A living volvox algae releasing its daughter colonies.

    Photo Credit: Jean-Marc Babalian, France

    4th place

    A tapeworm.


    Photo Credit: Teresa Zgoda, USA

    5th place

    Mold on a tomato.

    Photo Credit: Dean Lerman, Israel

    6th place

    Lily pollen.

    Photo Credit: Dr. David A. Johnston, UK

    7th place

    Individually labeled axons in an embryonic chick ciliary ganglion.

    Photo Credit: Dr. Ryo Egawa , Japan

    8th place

    Newborn rat cochlea with sensory hair cells (green) and spiral ganglion neurons (red).


    Photo Credit: Dr. Michael Perny , Switzerland

    9th place

    Growing cartilage-like tissue in the lab using bone stem cells.

    Photo Credit: Catarina Moura, Dr. Sumeet Mahajan, Dr. Richard Oreffo & Dr. Rahul Tare, UK

    10th place

    A weevil.

    Photo Credit: Dr. Csaba Pintér, Hungary

    11th place

    Plastic fracturing on credit card hologram.

    Photo Credit: Steven Simon , USA

    12th place

    A daddy longlegs eye. 

    Photo Credit: Charles Krebs, USA

    13th place

    Orchid cuckoo bee from the collections of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

    Photo Credit: Levon Biss, UK

    14th place

    Common Mestra butterfly eggs, laid on a leaf.

    Photo Credit: David Millard, USA

    15th place

    3rd trimester fetus of a fruit bat.

    Photo Credit: Dr. Rick Adams, USA

    16th place

    Titmouse down feather.

    Photo Credit: Marek Miś, Poland

    17th place

    A dyed human hair.


    Photo Credit: Harald K. Andersen, Norway

    18th place

    Sea cucumber skin.

    Photo Credit: Christian Gautier, France

    19th place

    Embryonic body wall from a developing mouse.

    Photo Credit: Dr. Dylan Burnette, USA

    20th place

    Fungus and yeast colony from soil.

    Photo Credit: Tracy Scott, USA

Nikon’s microscopic photography competition 2017: winning images

By AG STAFF | October 4, 2017

The rarely seen, amazing microscopic world is celebrated with these winning images from Nikon’s 2017 Small World Photomicrography Competition.