Rare pink supermoon lights up night sky

By Australian Geographic 26 April 2021
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Don’t miss the pink supermoon.

The first supermoon of 2021, known as the pink moon, will be viewable on Tuesday night (27 April), and it’s going to be 30 per cent brighter and 14 per cent larger than a normal moon.

It’ll be highest in the sky at 11:32 pm, but you may be able to catch it in its full glory at dusk, about 30 minutes after sunset.

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Don’t be fooled, however. The pink moon isn’t named so for its colour, rather, it comes from a pink spring flower found in North America.

According to NASA, this super moon is the first of two supermoons for 2021. They occur when the moon is closest to Earth. If you miss this one, here’s another one just around the corner. The Flower Moon will be 158km closer to Earth than the pink supermoon and will occur May 26.