Puggles on plates help save species

By AG STAFF 2 November 2020
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A long-time love of the outdoors and animals set Nathan Ferlazzo and his family on a course for success – illustrating the wonder of the natural world that surrounds us here in Australia.

“That’s simple, the puggles,” says Nathan Ferlazzo.

“They’re my favourite – the echidna puggles. I saw echidnas waddling along in Tasmania, so this piece reminds me of my visit to the incredibly beautiful and wild Cradle Mountain.” 

What Melbourne-based wildlife artist Nathan is referring to is his intricate pen-and-ink rendering of these animals for iconic Australian homewares business Maxwell & Williams. Nathan created the charming Australian Families collection, which features echidnas as well as other native wildlife on mugs, plates, tea towels and insulated drink bottles.

‘Echidna and puggles’ is one of the sublime illustrations of the Australian Families collection for Maxwell & Williams.

“My parents have always loved animals, so I think I was always interested in them because of that,” Nathan says. “Our love for animals and nature is what inspired our business, Marini Ferlazzo, and is definitely shown in our collections.

“I have an older brother and a younger sister, so our sibling dynamics definitely made its way into my drawings for this collection. It was fun to think of scenes with my older brother leading the way, or my sister running along with her brothers, and of course mum and dad taking care of us all.”

The Australian Families collection.

Nathan’s passion for wildlife doesn’t just stop at creating beautiful pieces of art. He’s a committed conservationist, donating a portion of his earnings to support conservation organisations.

Nathan partners with a range of global organisations to spread knowledge and to share profits from his business. Partners include Birdlife Australia, World Animal Protection and our very own Australian Geographic Society.

A life spent outdoors inspires wildlife artist Nathan Ferlazzo.

“The collaboration with Maxwell & Williams has allowed for a completely new avenue for conservation organisations to gain support for their important work. People are able to purchase an affordable piece of artwork in the form of tableware, which they can use everyday, while also supporting important conservation initiatives.

“If you’re thinking about supporting a particular organisation’s work, I’d encourage you to visit the organisation’s website, read about their work and what you can do to help. Funding is often the highest hurdle for non-for-profit conservation work, making a monetary donation, no matter how small, is always incredibly appreciated.”

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