Tassie devil joey boom in snow-covered Barrington Tops

By Australian Geographic 4 June 2020
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Great news for the Tassie devils at Barrington Tops.

TASMANIAN DEVIL breeding season is well underway in the Barrington Tops, NSW and conservation organisation Aussie Ark is already recording success.

Initial pouch checks on the Tassie devils has revealed that 26 joeys have arrived so far.

The backdrop to this initial breeding success is the first snowfall for the year, creating a climate the Tassie devils are used to.

The Tasmanian devil, challenged by facial tumour disease, road mortality and land clearing, have been heading towards extinction for quite some time. 

One of the Tasmanian devil joeys counted so far. (Image credit: Aussie Ark)

Last year, Aussie Ark bred a total of 69 joeys, but they’re hoping to beat that number this year. 

“Each year, pouch checking is such a special and thrilling process and this year being paired with the first snowfall for the season made it extra special,” says Aussie Ark’s President Tim Faulkner.

“We are extremely lucky to be able to witness first-hand the circle of life of the Tasmanian devils and the growth of these joeys – now crucial members of their species’ insurance population.”

The Tasmanian devil breeding program at Barrington Tops remains to be the most successful captive breeding facility for the endangered species on the mainland. 

Snow falls on Barrington Tops in NSW.

“We cannot wait to watch these little devils grow up,” says Tim. “Our team is working tirelessly every day to make sure Tasmanian devils do not go extinct – extinction is not an option.

“It is encouraging to see that every breeding season is bigger than the last and it’s looking positive to be another stellar year.”