A rare, genetically mutated blue-tongue lizard finds a home

By Australian Geographic 24 January 2020
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This is one unique lizard.

A GENETICALLY mutated blue-tongue lizard has arrived at the Australian Reptile Park, sporting a pink tongue and an albino underbelly. 

After gaining social media fame, the lizard was handed over to the reptile park, where it will have a better chance at a long life than it would in the wild.

Without its usual camouflage and blue tongue to defend itself it would have been easy prey.

(Image credit: Australian Reptile Park)

“I have truly never seen a reptile like this my entire life,” says head of reptiles Daniel Rumsey. 

“All of the reptile keepers got extremely excited to meet her and we all couldn’t believe what we were seeing. 

“Sometimes you will see some genetic mutations in reptiles but this one by far takes the cake!”

Watch Daniel talk about the exciting new arrival below.

Courtesy of the Australian Reptile Park.