Kookaburra found for sale in U.S. pet shop

The Aussie woman who discovered the kookaburra was deeply saddened to see it so far away from home.
By Australian Geographic March 27, 2019 Reading Time: < 1 Print this page

AUSTRALIAN WOMAN Wendy Davidson has found a kookaburra for sale in a pet shop in the U.S. state of Virginia for $US1200.

Despite contacting several different agencies and authorities in Australia and Virginia, Wendy was unsatisfied with their responses and instead took to social media to post on Australia Zoo’s Facebook page.

In Australia, it’s illegal to keep kookaburras as pets and to care for sick an injured birds requires a licence. It’s also illegal to export the bird for commercial purposes. However, there are no laws in Virginia that prohibit having the bird as a pet.

It is believed that the bird may be a 10th-generation captive-bred bird whose ancestors were exported when the laws around the trafficking of animals were more relaxed.

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