Feral goats officially eradicated from Kangaroo Island

By AG Staff 12 June 2018
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Classified as one of Australia’s National Landscapes, Kangaroo Island is uniquely beautiful. And now, one of the Island’s biggest threats has been eliminated.

FERAL GOATS have officially been eradicated from South Australia’s Kangaroo Island, SA’s Assistant Minister for the Environment has confirmed.

In statement released today Melissa Price MP praised the work of the Kangaroo Island community for their dedicated work towards ridding the island of feral goats, which have plagued the island for over 200 years.

She also said that the eradication of feral deer has been achieved, however they’re currently waiting for a period of time to officially release the results.

“Community support is critical to projects like these, and I thank and congratulate the groups and individuals who have been involved with this important work,” she said.

“Kangaroo Island is the now largest island in the world to have successfully eradicated feral goats and the success of this project will provide long-term benefits for biodiversity, threatened species and primary production on Kangaroo Island.”

Feral goats were first introduced to the island by sealers and then the first settlers. Since this time, they’ve threatened the existence of the island’s native animals and plants including the critically endangered Kangaroo Island Dunnart and the silver daisy bush.