This is why you’re having trouble finding chocolate bilbies this Easter

By AG STAFF 29 March 2018
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Cadbury has officially discontinued their chocolate Easter bilbies.

If you’re having trouble locating chocolate bilbies this year, you’re not the only one. According to the Save the Bilby Fund, people around the country are reporting a shortage of these Easter treats.

On Tuesday, the Save the Bilby Fund, a charity launched in 1999 by legendary “Bilby brothers” Frank Manthey and Peter McRae, posted on their official Facebook Page asking followers to report any sightings of chocolate bilbies.

“Their distribution in the recent past was Target, Myer, and David Jones and various speciality stores including IGA but they have become rare or extinct in many locations,” they wrote.

The Fund’s official chocolate Easter bilby, manufactured by Pink Lady, is one of the most recognisable chocolate bilbies sold every Easter.

save the bilby fund

Cadbury, who manufacture their own chocolate bilbies, confirmed in a statement to AG that, as of 2018, Cadbury Easter bilbies would no longer be available due to a significant decline in demand.

While Cadbury never entered into a formal agreement with the Save the Bilby Fund, for the last three years the company has contributed an annual donation of $10,000.

Kevin Bradley, the CEO of the Save the Bilby Fundy told Australian Geographic that Cadbury’s decision to discontinue their chocolate bilbies will have a significant impact on the Fund.

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Kevin said the Fund was not forewarned of Cadbury’s decision, despite making a number of attempts to make contact with the chocolate manufacturer in recent weeks.

“We wanted to proactively market their product, rather than just putting something up close to the eleventh hour on Easter.

“We were very much interested in entering into a partnership similar to the one we have with Pink Lady where a percentage of the profits from the Cadbury bilbies went to the conservation of bilbies, which would give our supporters peace of mind.”

Kevin said that because Coles and Woolworths do not stock the Fund’s official bilbies, the end of the Cadbury bilby means the two major supermarkets have no way to support or boost the native animal’s profile throughout the Easter period.

According to Kevin, Pink Lady has recorded sale increases of 25 per cent year on year. The market for bilby chocolate is there, he said, but it’s up to Australians to demand the choice to buy bilbies over bunnies.

“It’s going to take millions of dollars to recover our native bilbies. We need to boost their profile as much as possible and make sure that the product is actually available.”

To donate to the Save the Bilby Fund click here.