Young couple find two-metre long snake skin in home

By AG Staff 2 November 2017
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We’re not sure what’s worse: finding a snake in your home, or discovering a two-metre long snake skin in your roof— with no actual snake in sight.

A YOUNG Sydney couple have discovered a two-metre long snake skin above a light fixture in their home.

Rachel and Troy found the snake skin after arriving home and noticing that a light close to their bedroom had popped out, leaving an exposed hole in the roof.

“After close inspection I could see what looked like a snake skin draped across where the light was. I asked my boyfriend Troy to get a ladder and he climbed up and pulled out this giant snake skin,” Rachel told Australian Geographic.

“Initially we were all a bit frightened but because we live near the bush it isn’t uncommon to find snakes skins around or other evidence of them. Workers found a similar size skin a couple of years ago up in a different part of the roof.”

In the pictures taken by Rachel, Troy can be seen expanding the snake skin, revealing its enormous size.

snake skin

As for where exactly the actual snake is, the couple are still unsure.

‘We were very surprised by the sheer size of it. We still haven’t found it. A few of our friends suggested we move house,” said Troy.

“We had a thorough look when we first found it but not currently looking for it. All we did was re fit the light and hope for the best it won’t come back exploring,” Rachel said.