VIDEO: python filmed dragging possum prey up tree

By AG Staff | October 25, 2017

Watch nature in action as a carpet python hauls a dead possum all the way up a tree and into the canopy.

BRISBANE DAD, Peter McMaster has captured the graphic moment a carpet python progressively tugs its dead possum prey up a tree, showcasing the snakes strength. 

Peter came across the scene after hearing what he described to Fairfax as a “ruckus” while mowing his lawn. “We couldn’t believe what we were seeing,” he said. “You don’t see that every day.”

In the footage taken by Peter last Sunday the snake can be seen suspended several metres from a branch, tightly latched onto the dead possums face, struggling to make its way into the tree canopy.  

According to Peter, it’s possible that the snake is the same python that’s been lurking in his backyard for a while. He says that two weeks ago it was mid-constrict on a flying fox until the family Maltese-Shitzu intervened.