VIDEO: Three-month-old polar bear joins ‘cub kindy’

A hidden camera managed to catch all the action.
By AG Staff July 31, 2017 Reading Time: < 1 Print this page

THE YET-TO-BE-NAMED, three-month-old polar bear cub has bounded into ‘cub kindy’ for the first time last week.

A hidden camera placed within the special enclosure caught the playful cub rolling around in the ice under the watchful eye of her mother, Liya.

“The first time the cub saw cub kindy, she was a little nervous, but after watching and learning from mum her confidence grew and she began to dig, run and play in the ice and is now starting to spend more time out there,” Trevor Long, the Sea World director of marine sciences, told ABC News.

Once the cub has learnt the ropes at cub kindy, she’ll graduate to ‘cub preschool’, a much larger enclosure with a rock pool that will enable her to learn to swim.

Sea World officials have estimated that the cub will be presented to the public sometime in August.