Vegemite pie to hit Australian shelves

By Maria Rachal 14 July 2017
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The combination of the two iconic foods is overwhelming.

FOR A LIMITED TIME, Australians won’t have to decide between a meat pie or vegemite toast with Four’N Twenty’s ‘Vegemite pie’ available at Coles supermarkets beginning Monday.

The pies manufacturer, owned by Victoria-based Pattie’s Foods, has described the product as “a classic beef mince with cheese and a Vegemite-spiked gravy.”

The new offering is certainly meant to appeal to the nation’s tastebuds, as Australians consume 177 million meat pies and 22 million jars of Vegemite each year.

But Four’N Twenty’s variation on the nearly century-old spread isn’t the first time Vegemite has strayed from its simple, yeasty roots into controversial new creations.

Kraft Foods unveiled ‘Vegemite Singles’ in the ‘90s, a Vegemite-flavoured take on its processed cheese slices. Though the product didn’t last long, ‘Vegemite Cheesybite,’ a blended Vegemite-cheese spread introduced in 2009, is still available today.

In 2015, Pizza Hut recognised Australia Day by creating the limited-edition ‘Mitey Stuffed Crust’ – which was exactly what it sounds like.

The same year, Cadbury adopted the Vegemite craze by infusing the spread in a caramel chocolate bar.

The Aussie-as pie comes in Four’N Twenty’s 70th year in business, which it also celebrated with a ‘Save Our Slang’ marketing campaign, which involved 70 different packaging designs featuring classic words and phrases from Down Under.