Renewed call for restrictions to fireworks following echidna death

The fireworks have been a long-term concern for animal carers, veterinarians and wildlife experts.
By AG Staff July 4, 2017 Reading Time: < 1 Print this page

A WILD ECHIDNA was euthanised on Monday after suffering severe burns from fireworks let off for cracker night in celebration of Territory day this weekend. 

Veterinarians from Ark Animal Hospital attempted to save the echidna but the burns to the native animals skin were irreparable and its spines at been badly damaged. Doctors said that such an injury would leave the echidna vulnurable to predation. 

Charles Giliam, the practice manager of Ark Animal Hospital said that the fireworks have been threatening wildlife and domestic animals for some time now. 

“When you’ve got a sudden flash like that with an enormous amount of noise, it obviously scares the living hell out of them,” Charles told Nothern Territory News.

“If someone was shooting a gun it’s easy for an animal to determine where that sound is coming from, but what you’ve got here is 360 degree noise, and they’re left in an absolute panic state.

“One of our nurses lost her beloved bird because people were shooting crackers at her house — it had a heart attacked and died.”

Chris said that he’d like to see more restrictions to the use of fireworks, including zoned off areas to ensure the protection of wildlife. 

Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, Michael Gunner said that there were no plans to make any changes to the Territory Day firework display. 

This isn’t the first time that animal carers, veterinarians and wildlife experts have called for a restriction on fireworks as the volume of noise and risk of air pollution poses significant threats to animals year round.  


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