EXCLUSIVE: Eastern quoll bred in NSW for the first time in 100 years

By AG Staff 26 July 2017
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Twelve Eastern quoll joeys have been confirmed.

DEVIL ARK, a non-for-profit organisation, has announced the arrival of the first Eastern quoll joeys born at the Barrington Tops breeding facility, in NSW in over 100 years.

Since becoming extinct on the mainland due to feral predators, the eastern quoll populations have been restricted to parts of Tasmania. 

Today, Tim Faulkner, manager of the Australian Reptile Park confirmed the discovery of 12 joeys following a pouch check of two females. 

While Devil Ark’s focus is on the conservation of the Tasmanian devil species, in 2016, the organisation began assisting in the conservation of other endangered species including the Eastern quoll, with the help of Australian Geographic who funded the building of enclosures for the quolls.  

“The health check was great – the joeys are in perfect condition and all the mums are doing great as well. One can’t describe the feeling you get when you breed an animal in an area it is now extinct in. It really gives you hope for the future of the species,” Tim said. 

On the involvement of Australian Geographic, Tim said, “As a registered charity, Devil Ark largely relies on external support from project partners like Australian Geographic and the general public to maintain the facility for both the Eastern quolls and Tasmanian devils. I am proud to say, in the quolls case, this significant milestone would not have been possible without Australian Geographic.” 

Once the species is at stable numbers, Devil Ark plan to return the Eastern quoll to the wild.