Peacock ore: South Australia’s new state mineral

The ore is most recognisable for its blue and purple hues, akin to the magnificent feathers of the peacock.
By AG Staff June 30, 2017 Reading Time: < 1 Print this page

THIS WEEK SOUTH AUSTRALIA revealed that bornite would officially be recognised as the state’s representative mineral in honour of the state’s local mining industry. 

Bornite, also referred to as Peacock ore is known for its blue and purple hues and is melted down to make copper, while larger crystals are often used for decoration. 

The peacock ore is typically found in South Australian mines including Olympic Dam, Wallaroo, Prominent Hill and Kanmantoo.

The state’s mineral resource minister, Tom Koutsantonis told a local Adelaide newspaper that they hoped making bornite an emblem of the state would promote the mineral resources industry in South Australia, as well as bolstering tourism to the area. 

The announcement was made following the purchase of the world’s biggest bornite crystal at 100 cubic cm by the South Australian Museum. 

The new bornite crystal is a large part of the Museum’s Copper exhibition, which will run until 21 July. 

The exhibition recognises the importance of copper to the South Australian state now, and back in the days of the colony when the state was referred to as the ‘Copper Kingdom’. 

peacock ore