Baby wombat found and saved by sanctuary

The wombat was found wandering along a country road, with suspected injuries from road trauma.
By AG Staff June 23, 2017 Reading Time: < 1

HEALESVILLE SANCTUARY, in rural Victoria have welcomed yet another baby wombat, Gem, into their mix of wildlife.

A spokesperson for the sanctuary told Australian Geographic that she’d been found by a member of the public wandering along beside a country road.

“She was distressed and dehydrated and was brought into the Australian Wildlife Health Centre with a deep wound to her hip and some superficial scratches.”

Injured wombats that arrive at Healseville require round the clock care. This includes special wombat milk feeds throughout the night.

“She’s well and truly on the mend now and at 9 months old, she has just graduated to sleepovers at the Sanctuary by herself and is weening off her daily milk feeds. Gem will slowly be introduced to solid foods over the coming weeks –being a herbivore grasses make up the majority of a wombats diet as well as a mixture of vegetables,” the spokesperson said. 

Healesville Sanctuary sees more than 1,500 sick and injured native animals every year at the Australian Wildlife Health Centre, at Zoos Victoria many of which are wombats. 

Overwhelmingly, wildlife are admitted to the Australian Wildlife Health Centre as a result of road trauma. 

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(Image Credit: Healesville Sanctuary )