Top 5 news stories in May

By AG Staff Writer June 1, 2016
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From weird deep-sea jellyfish to dancing spiders, these were our five most-read news stories last month.

1. Surreal deep-sea jellyfish near Mariana Trench

Deep-sea researchers exploring around the Mariana Trench filmed a bizarre-looking jellyfish 3700m below the surface. Read the full story.

Video: NOAA

2. Close encounter with Mars


Image: NASA

Last month, Earth got up-close and personal with the red planet, and Australians were particularly well placed to see it. Read the full story.

3. 7 new species of peacock spider discovered

Video: Jurgen Otto

Our readers couldn’t get enough of these beautiful, tiny jumping spiders and their impressive dancing. The discovery of seven new species, officially named and described last month, brought the total number of confirmed peacock spider species in Australia to 48. Read the full story.

4. False killer whales hunt down baby shark off Sydney coast

Video: Seven News

A drone hobbyist made national news when he captured this incredible footage off the coast of Cronulla beach, Sydney. Read the full story.

5. Tiger shark feeding frenzy in WA

Video: Eco Albrohos / Facebook

In a similar vein but on the other side of the country, a cruise company captured incredible footage of up to 70 tiger sharks feeding on a deceased humpback whale in Western Australia. Read the full story.