Aussie wingsuit flyers get ready for Grand Canyon

By AG Staff 7 April 2015
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Australian wingsuit pilots have made a five-person flight over California in preparation for their Grand Canyon crossing

AUSTRALIAN WINGSUIT PILOTS Heather Swan and her husband Dr Glenn Singleman, along with three others, have made a successful test jump in the lead-up to their Grand Canyon crossing – something no one has ever done before.

The trial jumps, over Davis in California, US, went smoothly, said Heather. “We did a 30,000ft flight today and all our cameras worked brilliantly…pretty amazing they coped with the -48°C at height (not factoring the wind chill),” she says.

Glenn, Heather, Roger Hugelshofer, Vicente Cajiga and camerman Paul Tozer made the first ever five-way wingsuit flock during the practice flights.

“We’re very happy this jump went well,” Heather says. “I can’t tell you how stressful it was. But we’re feeling great now because we’ve rehearsed every element of the Grand Canyon jump and we and the technology all worked perfectly.”

Due to weather the Grand Canyon flight is now scheduled for April 9th.