First glance at baby gorilla at Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Zoo’s gorilla mum Kimya has brought her newborn baby out in public for the first time
By AG Staff March 19, 2015 Reading Time: 2 Minutes Print this page

NEW GORILLA MOTHER, Kimya has brought her 4-day-old baby out for staff and media to catch a glimpse of her pride and joy.

Staff at Melbourne Zoo believe the baby western lowland gorilla is a female, but its sex has not been confirmed because Kimya has yet to put the newborn down.

Kimya, who was born at Taronga Zoo in 2005 and moved to Melbourne in 2013, is proving to be an excellent mother, say the staff. She is doting and gentle with the baby gorilla. The rest of the gorilla group has also welcomed the new edition.

Visitors to the zoo will be able to see the mother and baby from Friday 20 March from 11am- 3pm. 

© James Morgan


© James Morgan


© James Morgan


Courtesy Melbourne Zoo