Top 10 galleries of 2013

By AG Staff 18 December 2013
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These galleries were among your favourite image collections to flick through this year.

THE MOST POPULAR GALLERIES for Australian Geographic readers in 2013 suggest a penchant for nature, history and astronomy.

The top four galleries this year were all related to our environment. The winners of the Australian Geographic ANZANG Nature Photographer of the Year took out the number one spot, closely followed by brilliant photography of Aurora Australis.

Our gallery of the world’s ugliest animals suggests our readers still have a sense of humour about nature, too.



Aurora Australis: chasing the southern lights

Two photographers wait near Hobart for the southern lights, and the rewards are spectacular.
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Nature Photographer of the Year

The winners of 2013’s AG ANZANG Nature Photographer of the Year.
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Australia’s most popular dog breeds

We bring you Australia’s top choices when it comes to canine friends.
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Reader photos: Your best seaside images

See some of our readers’ best photographs of Australian coastal landscapes.
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Australia’s tallest trees

Only trees in North America and Borneo rival the size of our native eucalypts, some almost 100m tall.
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Beach, bush & battlers: iconic Aussie images

Jeff Carter artfully captured mid-century scenes of everyday Australians – from coast to country.
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Best panorama images of 2013

An international award for panorama photography has named its breathtaking winners.
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50 bush and beach escapes

This state-by-state camping planner highlights the best places to pitch a tent in Australia.
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The Warrumbungles: after the bushfires

A photographer captured Warrumbungle National Park after it was devastated by bushfire, and found life among the ashes.
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World’s ugliest animals

The saggy-looking blobfish won a competition designed to raise awareness for ugly endangered animals.
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