Explorers series

Explorers is a fun, high-energy series designed to engage, excite and inspire students. Featuring Australian content, photographs and illustrations and an engaging mix of topics, Explorers is a great base for lesson planning and are a favourite for students year 3 and up. There are 9 hard cover books in the series. $24.95 each
By AG STAFF April 28, 2016 Reading Time: 4 Minutes

Explorers: The Olympics
Put on your green and gold and join the Australian Geographic team as we take a journey from Ancient Greece to the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics and beyond. We’ll meet Australian Olympic champions and peek behind the scenes at how Olympic cities are chosen and medals are made.

The Olympics


Explorers: Robots
How do robots work? Will robots be as intelligent as humans one day? Come along with the Australian Geographic team as we tackle these questions and more. Meet the largest robot in the world and others so small they could swim in your bloodstream!



Explorers: How Weather Works
From rainbows to cyclones, this book takes a close look at climate and the world’s weather. We investigate how we measure and predict the weather, look back at big weather events in our past (right back to the Ice Age!) and also provide a how-to for building your very own weather vane!

How Weather Works


Explorers: Rainforests of Australia
There are rainforests in almost every state and territory of Australia, ranging from tropical to temperate. Come along with us and we’ll learn how the rainforest ecosystem works as we visit some of our beautiful forests, meet some local wildlife and investigate how we’re protecting these areas for the future.

Rainforests of Australia


Explorers: Being Green
If you’ve ever been curious about why sustainability is such a big issue, or wondered what role you can play, you’ll find the answers here. With our eyes fixed on the future of our planet, we’ll be examining how we affect the world we live in. Starting with the Earth as a whole and zooming in until we reach our own backyards, we’ll find out what we can do to live more sustainably.

Being Green


Explorers: Nearest Neighbours
Get your passport ready, and come along with the Australian Geographic team as we explore Asia. We’ll be visiting tropical rainforests, freezing glaciers and bustling cities. We’ll travel through time to learn how the continent was formed and discover some of the fascinating history of this part of the world.

Nearest Neighbours


Explorers: National Parks
With more than 9700 national parks and conservation reserves, and 200 marine protected areas, Australia has one of the worlds best systems to protect our wild heritage. There are thousands of plants and animals to discover in our national parks, come with us as we visit some of these famous parks in this hard cover, educational book. Perfect for young explorers! 

National Parks


Explorers: Our Captial City
Come with the Australian Geographic team on a visit to Canberra and go inside Parliament House, to the Royal Australian Mint and to the snow-capped national park that takes up almost half of the whole Australian Capital Territory! You’ll meet all of our prime ministers, learn how to make a new law and discover how Australia became a nation. Part of Australian Geographic’s Explorers series, Our Capital City is a hard cover educational book perfect for young explorers.

Our Capital City


Explorers: Amazing Antarctica
Come with us on a journey of discovery across the very large, icy, white world at the end of the Earth! You’ll find a place where penguins march, whales and seals splash and most animals depend for their survival on tiny prawn-like creatures called krill. Antarctica was the last continent to be discovered and large parts of it are yet to be explored, come and discover Antarctica with Australian Geographic’s full colour, hard covered book. Perfect for young explorers! 

Amazing Antarctica