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By AG STAFF 9 December 2013
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AG educational products draw on our extensive resources, carefully selected for curriculum relevance.

Developed by teachers for teachers, Australian Geographic Education’s non-fiction products draw on our extensive resources, carefully selected for curriculum relevance. Entertaining and informative, our products include a range of books, magazines and supplementary material aged at kids from 0+.



All About Australia

The All About Australia series introduces students to a uniquely Australian offering of topics. Perfect for students in kindergarten and up, these bright books are educational and entertaining. There are 14 books available in the series.



Explorers is a fun, modern, high-energy series designed to engage, excite and inspire students. Featuring Australian content, photographs and illustrations and an engaging mix of topics, Explorers is a favourite for students Year 3 and up. There are 9 hardcover books available in the series.


Australian Geographic History

A new series from Australian Geographic, these books trace backwards through the history of the nation. Written in line with the Australian History Curriculum, this compelling series tells the story of the indigneous peole of Australia, the first European explorers and settlers and the development of the Australian federation.


Australia’s Most

From the great white shark to the redback spider, welcome to the world of some of Australia’s most dangerous creatures. Packed full of detailed illustrations, beautiful images from the Australian Geographic image library and interesting fact files, these books will help you learn about some of our most amazing, dangerous and weirdest creatures in these books.


Our Australia

This fiction series written by renowned kids’ author Phil Kettle is a celebration of the nation: My Australia, Your Australia, Our Australia!

Jump aboard the campervan with Taha, an Australian boy of Greek heritage, and his mum. They’re off on a journey of discovery that’s going to lead them to some of our country’s most fascinating places. 

Taha’s adventures make compelling reading for all young explorers and, while they are engrossed in the tales of Taha and his mischievous ways, they’ll also learn about the geography, history and culture of each region – a new location in every book. There are 10 books available in this series, and teachers notes available here.


Discovery Education

Written by experts and featuring detailed illustrations, these titles cover the areas of science, natural history and social science. With a global scope, and including Australian information, these are exceptionally well-priced books, fantastic for project work. There are more than 40 titles available in the series.

Board Books

These sturdy board books, perfect for small hands, are filled with images of iconic Australian animals. This is learning made fun, as your child will be delighted with the bright images and amazing Australian critters.

Activity Books

Packed with more than 200 fun things, like quizzes, brain teasers, crosswords and puzzles on a variety of topics from science to history, these full-colour books are perfect for road trips, rainy days or quiet afternoons!

Special Interest Books

Australian Geographic has published a wide range of special interest education titles. From sticker books to learning about life cycles, from finding out how the Earth was formed to guides to the night sky – we have you covered.


Posters & Maps

The Australian Geographic range of posters and maps feature subjects such as Australian animals, Prime Ministers and butterflies. Alongside books, posters and maps we also produce a wide range of other products such as DVDS and puzzles aimed at students and young people. Take a look at the whole range here!