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We’ve put together unique and authentic trips for anyone who is interested in exploring the fauna and flora, the history and culture of Australia. All trips have been curated with an emphasis on discovering hidden gems off the beaten track, and offering sustainable travel experiences that would be very hard to find anywhere else. We have carefully selected destinations, accommodation and the best local guides.

When given the choice between creature comforts and authenticity, we have always opted for the latter. Our trips aren’t particularly strenuous and are well suited for travellers of average physical ability. They appeal to travellers with a taste for venturing into the more regional and remote areas of Australia, and to those who will happily choose the sightings of rare birds or rarely seen Indigenous art over five star spa experiences.

We have taken the utmost care in not only in selecting our itineraries but also in ensuring the safety of our travellers, including the implementation of plans for COVID-safe travelling.

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Eyre Peninsula, South Australia – From the ocean to the outback

Far North Queensland – Wildlife and conservation

Kakadu and Arnhem Land, Northern Territory

Maria Island Walk, Tasmania

Raymond Island, Victoria

Eyre Peninsula, South Australia
From the ocean to the outback

Experience the untouched and remote beauty of the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. From spectacular coastal landscapes to the wildly beautiful outback, and the wildlife that call them home, you’ll revel in the diversity of this genuine ocean-to-outback tour.

Unsurpassed in its beauty, this region also teems with another truly special quality – genuine hospitality from its colourful characters. You’ll meet a host of locals during your visit to Port Lincoln, the seafood capital of Australia, and the stunning, ancient and geologically fuelled Gawler Ranges.

Each day you’ll enjoy memorable and unique wildlife, geological, culinary, photographic and educational experiences, including a 4WD safari through massive sand dunes, swimming with Australian sea lions and dolphins at the same time (the only place in Australia where you can do this),
visiting arguably Australia’s best native koala experience, seeing landscapes that only a few ever see from the raw, rugged and natural coastline to the extraordinary colours of the red sands, blue skies and glistening white salt lakes of the Gawler Ranges.

The icing on the cake of this trip is the opportunity to sample the bounty of the ocean here, including taking part in a seafood masterclass with marron and oysters direct from the local farms.

Far North Queensland,
Wildlife & Conservation

FAR NORTH QUEENSLAND is a wildlife enthusiast’s paradise! This small group tour explores the rainforest habitat, concentrating on the endemic wildlife found within. We have a firm belief that tourism is the key to the protection and conservation of this World Heritage Area. Our passionate and knowledgeable guides are eager to share the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area with you.

Our tours have a major focus on observing and photographing wildlife. It’s not uncommon for you to observe a southern cassowary, tree kangaroo and platypus on a single tour! The trails and boardwalks we access are the longest and most immersive compared with other commercial operators. In addition, many of our nature viewing locations are on private land or reserves for complete exclusivity. This increases your opportunities
to observe wildlife in the wild.

Kakadu and Arnhem Land, Northern Territory

SEE SPECTACULAR LANDSCAPES and experience the world’s oldest living culture firsthand as we take you on a remote journey into the Northern Territory’s Top End. Our exclusive itinerary provides travellers with an intimate glimpse into the lives of Aboriginal people and offers the opportunity to meet and interact on their home soil.

You’ll also experience some of the most picturesque scenery in Australia as we travel through Kakadu and off the beaten track into Arnhem Land. On this 4WD safari you’ll be encouraged to really experience ‘country’ and go beyond just looking by smelling, listening, touching and even tasting things along the way. This will be a true, authentic Northern Territory experience.

Maria Island Walk, Tasmania

RECOGNISED AS ONE OF Australia’s truly outstanding experiences, the four-day Maria Island Walk is a delightful blend of rare wildlife, fascinating history, island tranquillity and gourmet delights.

Set on a beautiful island national park off Tasmania’s east coast, small groups of just 10 guests and two friendly guides explore the pristine beaches, tall ancient forests and world heritage sites by day before, each night, relaxing at a mouthwatering candlelit dinner.

Maria Island is a Noah’s Ark for rare animals and birds, some of which are found nowhere else. It is known as one of, if not the best, places in Australia to see wombats in the wild.

Raymond Island, Victoria

THIS SPECIAL TRIP to Raymond Island allows you to become involved and provide assistance in a region that suffered horrendous wildlife losses as a result of the 2019–20 bushfires. These fires destroyed nearly 2 million hectares of forest in the far southeastern corner of Australia and killed untold millions of wild animals.

Raymond Island itself was not burnt and has now become a significant island ark for many species of plants and animals including koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas and many bird species. Echidna Walkabout and their not-for-profit Koala Clancy Foundation, have teamed up with the local Landcare group and concerned residents to set up a wild koala research project on the island. Data they collect will be collated by the new koala conservation group on the island – including tree species preference, behaviour, identification of individuals and evidence of koalas drinking stemflow (water moving down the stem). They take walks through the forest spotting koalas in the wild. They may also see echidnas, swamp wallabies and eastern grey kangaroos and many colourful parrots, honeyeaters and seabirds, which you can help record for conservation purposes.

Conservation Travel is all about making a difference by getting out into the bush and affecting real change. It’s about working with locals who know the area and how they can fix the problems, but need help to do so.

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