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History and Culture

The macabre history of Canberra’s ‘haunted’ NFSA building

The National Film and Sound Archives in Canberra is housed in a building with stripped classical architecture and Art Deco elements. But look closer and you’ll see wombat faces peeping through roundels, goannas carved on the heads of columns, frill-necked lizards framing the front entrance and a skylight in the foyer featuring a stylised platypus. These details are a window into its past as the National Museum of Australian Zoology, later renamed the Australian Institute of Anatomy.

History and Culture

The pearl principle

A community festival has helped keep the Kimberley Coast’s prestigious pearling industry alive, protecting it from a crisis caused by economic downturn and a disease.

History and Culture

Power of the dog

Thousands of travellers are drawn to Gundagai every week for a photo with the fabled Dog on the Tuckerbox, one of Australia’s smallest ‘big things’.