AG Society

Founded in 1987 by Dick Smith, the Australian Geographic Society is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting scientific research, protecting and fostering a love for our environmental and natural heritage, encouraging the spirit of discovery and spreading the knowledge of Australia to Australians and the world.

GALLERY: AG Society Awards night 2017


This week the Australian Geographic Society Awards dinner was held in Sydney. Among the nearly 400 guests were noted conservationists, adventurers and inspiring Aussies including Jon Muir, Susan and Michael Cusack, Tim Jarvis and ‘Shark girl’ Madison Stewart.

Help save the northern hairy-nosed wombat


AVERAGING ABOUT 32kg and growing to more than 1m in length, the northern hairy-nosed wombat is Australia’s largest wombat species. Compared with the common wombat, it has longer, pointed ears, softer fur and a broader muzzle fringed with whiskers. Its numbers have been falling for many years due to competition for food with sheep, cattle… View Article

Jon Muir Lifetime of Adventure 2017


Jon Muir is the recipient of the Society’s highest honour that recognises those who haven’t just lived an extraordinary life of exploration and adventure, but who have given back and inspired others by their actions.

Spirit of Adventure 2017


Lisa’s heroic journey sailing solo and unassisted around Antarctica has made her a worthy recipient of this year’s Spirit of Adventure Award.

Help save our platypuses


Help our playtpuses! BECAUSE THESE iconic Aussie mammals often live near our most populated areas, platypuses face increasing pressure from the destruction and degradation of aquatic habitats. Threats include land clearing, altered flow regimes, illegal use of yabby traps, pollution and construction of dams and weirs. There is growing evidence of population declines and even… View Article