Cyclone Ita the strongest storm of 2014

By AG STAFF 15 May 2014
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A satellite image of Cyclone Ita shows the size of this Category 5 storm.

As Cyclone Ita bears down on the Far North Queensland coast, it’s intensified into a category 5 storm.

With current wind speeds of nearly 300km/h near the core, it will be the second strongest cyclone to hit Queensland since 1918 – along with the monster Cyclone Yasi that hit in 2011.

The latest path map by the Bureau of Meterology predicts Cyclone Ita will hit the coast around Cooktown around 11pm tonight.

The BOM indicates gale-force winds of 125 km/h will hit the coast this afternoon and communities are battening down the hatches in preparation.

What is of concern about this cyclone, apart from its strength, is that it it slow moving. Compared to Cyclone Yasi’s 30km/h speed, Cyclone Ita is travelling about 8km/h, which means it’s going to hover around to do more damage.

An animation of Cyclone Ita approaching the Queensland coast.


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