Aussies about to take on summit

By Amy Middleton 7 November 2013
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Incredible footage from mid-way Mt Everest as the Aussie team prepares to tackle the summit.

I HOPE THE Aussies currently braving Mt Everest — the ones who last week transmitted the first ever live video stream from the mountainside — have eaten their Weet-Bix.

The team is set to push for the summit at 3 am Wednesday morning, Everest time. It’s a tender hour of the morning to do anything, really, let alone reach the summit of the world’s highest mountain in a -10° chill.

The latest video update from Base Camp introduces the team for a few interviews before their summit push. The footage is moving, and a touch frightening, as the climbers reflect on their journeys so far with all the simulated closeness of a Skype call.

As well as the eerie immediacy, what strikes me is that retrospect hasn’t kicked in yet for the story-tellers. It’s incredible to watch a few Aussies you’d expect to bump into at your local watering hole speak candidly about their fears of climbing Everest, while still mid-way up the mountain. It’s not a topic you discuss over a lager every day and if you happened to, you’d be safe in the knowledge that everything went fine.

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