Di Westaway

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Mountain Climber, world record holder, Author and all-round inspiring human.

Di Westaway is a walking example of the endless possibilities and positive influences a life in adventure can bring. She is an adventure coach, mother, motivational speaker, world-record holder and author of Natural Exhilaration and How to Prepare for World Class Treks. As the CEO and Founder of Wild Women On Top and Coastrek, Di has made it her mission to motivate women to lead adventurous lives and reap the rewards – just as she has done. Her adventures include many extreme altitude summits, and she currently holds the world record for highest handstand –Mt Ama Dablam, 6,982m in Nepal. Di has a truly infectious outlook on life which will leave any audience eager to get out and do something awesome.

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“Great speaker”… “Inspirational”… “Very passionate and inspiring motivational speaker”… “Related to business and beyond”… “Di was funny and entertaining. Her communication clear and effective.” – Westpac HR

“Di’s riveting stories kept our finance department spell bound as they relived the adventures of her amazing Wild Women. She proved we can all achieve remarkable goals if we ‘never, never, never give up’ and that adventure inspires health.” – Kerry Corn, Citi Group

“Di’s talk inspired us all to look for our personal and professional mountains to climb … about team, goals,  purpose, and vision.”  – Greg Hurst | Mission Commander Australian Institute of Fitness

“Di’s stories touched my heart.  The lessons she shares so passionately can help us all to lead happy and healthier lives and find our true purpose.” – Jacinta McDonnell |Co-Founder Anytime Fitness

Presentation Topics

Di creates bespoke presentations suited to the needs of every client. Her topics have included:

  • Adventurous Living. Go from sad, mad and bad to happy, healthy and healed using your purpose, people and plan to create pleasure, power and productivity, by tapping into your DNA.
  • Daily Rituals of Joy. Overcome anxiety, stress and fear to soar, sing and celebrate your life, love and lust for leading and learning with neuroscience-backed practices which are guaranteed to help you flourish.
  • The Chemistry of Joy. Master your moods by understanding the keys to endless motivation and how to use them to lead a healthy, happy life using science, stories and practical tips.
  • Fitting it all in. Turn busy into buzzy by prioritising your self-care so you can be your best self to better serve others with healthy lifestyle practices that help you unleash yourself and live natural exhilaration.
  • Healthy aging. It’s never too late to lead a life you love and learn how to be a super-ager, turning back the hands of time using lifestyle as medicine to keep you young, energised and productive.
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