Tested: Garmin Edge 25

By Mike Ellott 27 April 2016
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Mike Ellott tried out Garmin’s smallest GPS bike computer yet.

EARLIER THIS YEAR I put Garmin’s flagship Edge 1000 GPS bike computer through its paces. Although an amazing piece of kit, I felt uncomfortable with the size of the unit, and thought it gave the front-end of my bike the look and feel of a digital flight deck. The question to Garmin then was: where to from here? Surely not bigger!

The opposite, in fact. Garmin claims the Edge 25 is the world’s smallest GPS bike computer. Weighing just 25g, I had to look twice to find it in its box; after all, the display is about the size of a 50c coin.

Unlike the Edge 1000, which has large full-colour multi-scrolling touch screens, the Edge 25 has fewer screens, with the first two showing three units or measurements. But at my relatively novice level of riding, these two screen options provide all the information I need; distance, speed and metres climbed. Each screen can also be set up to suit the user’s personal preferences.

The Bluetooth-capable Edge 25 will easily hook up with your smartphone, and it can be linked to the Garmin Connect website, which allows you to download routes. With your smartphone you are able to use the ‘live feed/track my ride’ option, as well as share your achievements at the end of a ride.

The ‘courses’ function allows you to follow routes on the device, but given the size of the screen this is pretty basic. It’s a big departure from the full colour detailed maps you’d be accustomed if you were an Edge 810/1000 user, but it does work well and will effectively guide you around your desired route.

Using the two buttons on either side of the device rather than a touch screen gives the Edge 25 an old-school feel, but it’s easy enough to navigate through the screens, even while riding.

If you are aiming for pro levels and you like to track and cover every detail of your ride, the Edge 25 may not be the device for you; for example, it won’t work with a power meter, unlike other Garmin computers. That said, if you are a weekend warrior like myself, this little black box packs enough punch – telling me all I need to know after a day in the saddle – and has a price tag that is well less than half of the top-spec Edge 1000.

Garmin Edge 25

RRP $230 www.garmin.com.au